Most of us in the Heart of the Hustle tribe can agree that a business plan gives you an advantage over the competition but is a minimalist business better than no plan at all?

In my opinion a minimalist business plan is better than no plan at all. You can come up with a lot of great ideas just by brainstorming and before you know it you have a rough draft of a business plan. You can keep it simple and minimal but it might not be enough to really give you a clear picture of what’s ahead.

This summer Kanye West shared his Donda West Communications Company business plan and it’s pretty impressive. I’m actually surprised he shared such creative ideas with the world but it’s refreshing to see a celebrity showing off a business plan. People don’t just go around talking about business plans and it’s often assumed that celebrities don’t outline these types of business ventures but they do. When so much time and money is on the line it’s hard not to. His business plan outlines 14 “categories of influence” and within those categories he lists additional areas of focu with a section of the title of project leader and an outline. Short sweet and easy. For us regala-shmegala people we don’t have the funding to simply hire of project leader, we are our own project leaders and have to outline our own projects.