If you missed Love and Hip Hop Hollywood last night you missed some good tea on business matters between engaged couple, Princess Love and Ray J which have since gotten married. During most of the season she’s seemed to have concerns with being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement by Ray because she felt he was only asking because of his mother. She was mostly right and he ripped up the prenup at their engagement party.

Last night it was revealed that Princess Love wants to protect her assets too and she wants a prenup because of some things that have happened during one of their breakups. She proceeds to tell her attorney that during one of their breakups Ray J bought her trademark and had the rights to her name, he’s fallen through on verbal agreements, and taken her car (she claims he had it stolen but I don’t really believe it’s that cut and dry). We’ve seen how bad their breakups are but it was troubling hearing that someone she was that close to and planning to spend the rest of her life with would do such a thing. It’s not uncommon to be so excited about a new business venture that you run it by your spouse before growing that business. We typically discuss our next move with spouses and partners we truly trust. Even if they don’t know the details they see the moves you’re making, packages coming to the house, have access to your computer, and other sources for information as well because you share a home and personal space with them. It’s a really love move for an ex then learning how to trust and grow again.

She also revealed that she wants a stipulation that says if Ray J has a child outside of their married that the prenup and void and she’ll go after half. This is interesting.

How would you guys handle a situation?

A) Get married w/ a prenup but never tell talk to them about business
B) Leave and never look back
C) Would have never talked about business in the first place