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One of the most common statements I hear is “I want to start. I think it’s dope to work for yourself. But I don’t know how.” Take it from a multi-passionate entrepreneur with several streams of income, you can definitely work for yourself if you’re willing to do the work. Some even tell say “oh I have a lot of followers”. It takes more than just followers to build a successful business that continues to grow.

Bookmark or save this page and with a firm date to return. Consider this your starting point. I can coach you from any stage of owning your own company I highly recommend starting with a completed and reviewed copy of “Your Bossed Up Business Plan“. This e-book covers an array of questions to consider, outlines an action plan, and provides an estimated timeline & budget for a successful launch.

Ballin’ on a budget? Still undecided? I spend a lot of time online and welcome engaging questions. I can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and pretty soon I’ll be doing live Q&A’s on Periscope.

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This is the busiest time of the year for many of us entrepreneurs. We’re closing out the year, getting ready for the new year, hosting family dinner parties, travel, and planning the big company holiday party… all while in the midst of running Black Friday...
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Princess Love Reveals Ray J Bought Her Trademark During a Breakup

If you missed Love and Hip Hop Hollywood last night you missed some good tea on business matters between engaged couple, Princess Love and Ray J which have since gotten married. During most of the season she’s seemed to have concerns with being asked to sign a...
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November 2017 Membership Package

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Is a minimalist list business plan better than no plan at all?

Most of us in the Heart of the Hustle tribe can agree that a business plan gives you an advantage over the competition but is a minimalist business better than no plan at all? In my opinion a minimalist business plan is better than no plan at all. You can come up with...
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Planning you next move now that Mode Media has shut down

I joined Mode Media (formerly Glam Media) a year after I launched my beauty blog back in 2009. When I say I thought I made it I just knew I made it. It was my first big girl advertiser. I was working on behalf of the company for some major brands and making great...
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